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eat more weigh less

The first time I met Jabez, I noticed his vibrant energy. You can’t help it. Like someone who was born to cheer you on, he radiates enthusiasm for everything he does and everyone with whom he interacts. Which is a blessing for us all, because Jabez’s energy isn’t limited to his voice or his body—it finds its way into his writing, too.

Enter Life Matters, So Let’s Eat Like It. With a realness that feels like talking to your best friend, Jabez finally brings clarity to the confusing world of food. I won’t spoil the big reveal, but once you read his simple advice, you’ll wonder how you missed it for so long. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be an additional task on your to-do list—it can be the reason for newfound delight.

   -  Laura Thomas, Founder of Next Level Story, speaker, and author of The Magic of Well-Being: A Modern Guide to Lasting Happiness

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